Saturday, June 27, 2020

How to get CCTV cameras installed in public place to reduce crime ?

CCTV plays a very important role to prevent crime at any place.

In any building, any sports complex or any area where CCTV cameras are to be installed, we can estimate the number of cameras, the first thing in this thing is to see how many doors are there for you coming and going because it  Location is the most important or any place where there is the most activity, for example, if there is a straight lane and there is a road across it, then we put two cameras in it, which also protects both the cctv or IP cameras and  The entire street is also covered.

 Similarly, if there is an open field, then in that we can put one camera on main gate  and two to three cameras at the field (as per image)for cover it, in this you can also increase or decrease the cover area through the lens of the camera like 2.4mm lens cover more then 3.6mm as well as 6mm or 8mm.
 If this does not even make a point, then we can choose a suitable camera for this field. 1-2 things are the main role in determining the location of the camera. We can also put a PTZ Camera with these camera 

 Whenever you set up the camera, the camera lens was the same. Never turn on the bright light, because the face of any person who comes in doing this turns black.

 Select the location of the camera in such a way that the rain does not fall on the CCTV camera lens during the rainy season.

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